Follow-Up Hypnosis Session (1.5-2.5h)

250,00 $

A follow-up introspective hypnosis session for those who have already previously booked with me.


A follow-up introspective hypnosis session for those who have already previously booked with me.



During the Introspective Hypnosis, client explores their subconscious mind in order to find the origins of psychosomatic symptoms. Our conscious mind tends to ‘protect us’ by forgetting the difficult or traumatic events in our lives, as such memories are repressed, over time, it may cause it to manifest into a symptom in our bodies, serve as a trigger or cause problems in our work and/or relationships.

Introspective Hypnosis is a practice created by Aurelio Mejia that includes:

Forgiveness therapy|Role change|Ericksonian hypnosis|Past life regression|Spirit releasement

Some symptoms can be caused by spirit attachments, in that case, I take my time to figure out the reasoning behind it, how it may affect the host (client) & help them with their soul’s evolution by implementing the spirit releasement technique.

In our lives we have experienced trance plenty of times: while listening to our favorite song with eyes closed, daydreaming, watching a film, or reading a book. Trance is subtle and so a client is fully aware of their surroundings.

about your session

Feel free to email me or use the ‘Ask A Question’ button above to arrange a 20min chat to see if hypnosis is the right tool for you (free & no pressure to book afterwards)

Introspective Hypnosis is very diverse, non-invasive & safe. It accommodates any client regardless of their belief system. During the session, a client is in full control as they explore their memories in order to find answers and to start healing themselves. Please note that this session takes between 2.5 – 3 hours depending on the client. The session is held over Zoom, recorded, and will be sent to the client via WeTransfer, please download it within the week. Once our time during the session is over – the session is not over for your energy body. I advise taking your time to process and reflect as more realizations will come up after the session. During the time of reflection, a recording of the session is helpful to remember the forgotten parts during hypnosis. When rewatching your session you may experience a light trance, pick up more information and continue healing. Please remember that You are the one healing Yourself I am here to guide you through this sacred process.

how to prepare for your session

• Come with an open mind, no expectations & a very strong intention – your soul knows where to take you

• Arrange a time and space where you’ll be alone (I cannot accommodate a session if someone else is in the same flat/house. It is a sacred personal journey and I’d like you to make the most out of it)

• Have a headset or earphones with a good microphone

• The day before and on the day of your session avoid drinking alcohol

• On the day of your session lower your caffeine intake

• Before the session meditate or take a walk (optional)

I am looking forward to guiding you.




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