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Here is my story.


Up to when around 2 years old I was in and out of the hospitals, my last visit lead me to the NDE (Near Death Experience). Naturally, since then I was more sensitive than some others. I have started seeing shadows, visions as well as my deceased grandfather’s spirit who has passed away in the apartment I grew up in. Some time passed when my Mom (she’s an ex-head accountant who has found her path in healing people at around 50 years old) has bought a Tarot Deck, which she never used or intended using, when I’ve asked her why she’s bought it she replied: ‘I do not know why I have bought it, but I knew I had to.’ She would give that Tarot Deck for me to play with, as a child I did not know what it was for so it was just another toy to me.

My whole life I loved advising people intuitively (I did not know it was a form of intuitive advice in my younger days) and I was fascinated by the esoteric world. Since I was a teenager I would want to know the unknown and figure out the hidden meanings behind events that have happened to me as well as others. Darkness and shadow-self would intrigue me and so that is where I found a lot of valuable answers. You probably have already noticed a quote under every reading I offer by C. G. Jung: ‘One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.’

I did not ‘rediscover’ Tarot Cards until I have graduated with BA in Architecture. Working in a 9-5 made my soul feel somehow restricted (do not get me wrong, I still love Architecture, but I knew there was something more fulfilling to me that I came here to do. After moving in with a couple of friends I then took out an old Tarot Deck my Mom has gifted me, it travelled with me since I was 18 years (when I left home) old and was just occasionally used till I was 28. My world has turned upside down when I was around 28. I have started digging into the esoteric world even more. I knew I wanted to read purely intuitively so I practised every single day developing my intuition with or without cards, I used my intuitive judgement for everything and tracked the outcomes. When I felt I was fully ready and assertive to do it professionally, I have created my YouTube channel called A9ua Arcana. The name A9ua came from the love of the ocean (Aqua) as well as what it did for my spiritual development, Arcana means ‘mystery’ and it is a reflection of my urges to dive deep into the ‘unknown’. More than a couple of years have passed when my channel name as well as my website changed to Bri9ita (number 9 being a very special number for me).

My Mediumship journey started unexpectedly. It was another ordinary evening chatting with Joey (Channel – Joseph Monroe) he was telling me about his female co-worker when I started sensing a male presence next to her, I experienced visions that felt like quick flashes and feelings that were not mine. I have described what I saw/felt as well as what I believed it meant. That evening I found out it was her beloved deceased Father. As someone who comes from a ‘logical’ background, I always needed some kind of proof. I have asked my subscribers to give me only the name of the person they’d want to connect to and let everyone know I was testing my abilities. The feedback has shocked even me and so I have created a video that is called ‘Mediumship Readings ‘Meanings behind the Sensations’ where I quoted feedback from people from 2 Mediumship Videos I have previously posted.

Over time I have started looking for an additional tool in order to help my clients, a tool that helps them experience the power of their subconscious and heal their emotional traumas and/or symptoms. At the beginning of 2021, I have found and completed an Introspective Hypnosis Course held by Antonio Sangio & Alba Weinman - two wonderful tutors.

Introspective Hypnosis is a method based on Aurelio Mejias techniques. It combines:

Ericksonian Hypnosis

Forgiveness Therapy

Role Change

Past Life Regression

Spirit Assistance also called Spirit Releasement

Learning and improving never ends and so I am looking forward to many more experiences on my journey.