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Release for Relief Session (1.2h)

Release for Relief Session (1.2h)
Release for Relief Session (1.2h)
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This session is designed for those who need a pick-me-up session. Modern lives may feel chaotic and overwhelming and so sometimes we need to stop and find the peace within. I will be using 2 tools: Tarot & Introspective Hypnosis techniques as appropriate. This session is for those who want to calm inner chaos or conflict that might be happening within. The structure of the session will differ from person to person depending on what they are in need of most at the time of booking. Please keep in mind that this is not a full Introspective Hypnosis Session, in case you are dealing with symptoms of intense trauma, I suggest a full Hypnosis session that lasts around 3 hours. During the Release for Relief session, we will be working with your subconscious mind, using the physical sensations to guide you as well as work on your energy body. Feeling is Healing.


• Firstly, we will have a relaxed conversation about what you are currently feeling, for example: overwhelmed, worried, chaotic, lacking energy, cannot sleep, feeling disconnected, sad, in need of grounding etc. During this part of the session, I will be taking notes. 

• Secondly, I will ask you to get into a comfortable position (sitting back or laying down). Once you are comfortable I will guide you through a brief relaxation. 

• Thirdly, we will start working on the symptom that you brought to the session as per the examples above. 


• Arrange a time and space where you’ll be alone (I cannot accommodate a session if there are interruptions. It is a sacred personal journey and I’d like you to make the most out of it)
• Have a headset or earphones with a good microphone
• On the day of your session lower your caffeine intake

I am looking forward to working with you. 

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